Thursday, May 10, 2007


Um...I bet you're as sick of my whining as I am of feeling like whining. That said, this is day way-too-many-in-a-row of This Sucks.

I almost wept for real in a role play at the training today, where I was playing a women with an intellectual disability* who had to tell her mother about the breast lump she had found. The woman playing my mom, an older, rural African-American woman, was way too empathetic ("It's okay, baby, we'll go to Dr. Jones's and you'll be good."), which almost made me lose it right there.

*This is apparently the new term for what more recently called "developmental disability" and prior to that "mental retardation".

In other news, my mattress edges out from the back wall during the night, leaving a space perfect for me to lose my pillow and/or Snoopy.


Finally, I don't really feel like saying anything. So I might go quiet for a bit.