Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Yesterday I turned on my PDA only to find that the screen was so dim as to be barely legible.

Fuuuuuck. It's the only way I maintain some kind of handle on my schedule. I never got the hang of a paper organizer, and with my bad memory I HAVE to have some place to record everything that I do or plan to do. Otherwise I'll call a person twice for the same reason, not even realizing I'd already done that.

(That's normal, right?)

I'm still recovering from my extended period of no income* so the thought of shelling out money for another PDA is kind of appalling to me. Luckily I have very basic needs: a) it needs a calendar, and b) it needs to sync somewhere on my computer.

After about 20 minutes identifying what the superbasic-est, most cheaply available PDA would be for me, I did a price search.

Jeepers!** It's like, $100!

So I remembered that at one point I had had a brainstorm (which I would have entered onto my to-do list to follow up on, if my damn PDA had worked at the time) that I should be doing some trouble shooting about the situation, just in case the PDA wasn't really dying.

(It was a long-shot, borne of utter frugality)



*aside: remember my glee at filing various and sundry insurance claims and health savings account expenses? Yeah. I didn't bank on them BEING REJECTED.

**Who knew? Etymology is fuuuun.