Friday, April 13, 2007

Almost done

The financial stuff that's been worrying me for ages is almost done. ALMOST DONE!!! WAHOO!!!

• efile for NC and Federal taxes. I qualified for free online Turbotax. That's cause I'm po'.
EXPECTED RESULT: ginormo refund
• Forms for my health care savings account for 2006.
EXPECTED RESULT: ginormo reimbursement check
• Reimbursement forms for a spendy prescription that they thought wasn't covered by insurance but actually was.
EXPECTED RESULT: mildy ginormo check should come

To still do:
• papersign my taxes in a couple of days
• print the PDF of my tax returns and file away with W2s, etc.
• photocopy and mail in all reimbursements

SWEETNESS: It looks like all my reimbursements will just about cover my credit card debt, so my almost year out of work will be a wash. I'm still out my entire savings, but at least I won't OWE.

Next step: Roommate