Monday, April 23, 2007

When your life revolves around food

Jamie is here still, and we're having a BLAST. (Well, I am, at least. And Jamie is probably not too freaked out or she'd have left by now. Heh.)

I have a lot to tell about what we've managed to pack in so far, but suffice it to say our activities have revolved around food, gardens and farms.

Oh, and goats. Baby goats. Baby goats who nibble. Baby goats who nibble noses and fingers and suckle them (both the noses and fingers!). Baby goats who are exactly one week old and so soft and clean and sweet that you don't even want to eat them!

Today is the first day of the Pennywise Eat Local Challenge. We split a 5-egg omelette filled with green onions, local feta and asparagus, accompanied by hot cornbread for breakfast. The cornbread had my blueberry-lemon jam and a local apiary's 'raspberry creme' honey to top it. The eggs and onions are from Jamie's, the feta from the Chapel Hill Creamery, and the asparagus from Maria (and likely from Jamie as well: we have asparagus coming out of our ears here!) The cornbread is from a NC self-rising cornmeal, and it turned out decently for once! Oh so frequently I end up with my cornbread way too dry.

Need to take a shower. There's more to tell, but I have some seeds to buy and some plants to bed.