Monday, April 23, 2007

Pennywise Eat Local Day One: Groceries

I just got back from the Rey De la Comida, which proved itself in last year's eat local challenge as the Rey of Local Foods. Jamie is totalling up our expected expenses for the day, so by the time I catalogue the groceries I got I can give you an estimate for what we spent. (We spent $12.34 $9.34 each today (edited because we didn't eat some stuff we thought we were going to). That's (edited:) NOT!! over our limit for the day, but that's because we each had one small and one medium Locopop. That totals $3 each out of our daily total today.)

OK. At the grocery this afternoon I spent EXACTLY $36. My total budget is $68 for the week, or $9.71 a day, but I figured if I just think about the total I spend it would be much easier than fleshing it out daily.

So here's what I bought:

•Southern Biscuit Flour, 5#
•Red Potatoes (can you believe it???)
•Hayes Star brand Field Peas (dried) Apparently these come from the Carolina Plantation Rice company and are actually cowpeas. (This is according to a civil war reenactors website...take it as you will!)
•McLib's Southern Dumplings (pasta!!)
•12 pack of Diet Cheerwine (decadent!)
•Curtis thick-sliced bacon
•Maola buttermilk
•Maola Skim milk
•Canned Peaches Margaret Holmes
•Smoked Sausages from Stevens Sausage Company, which looks like it uses the "animals-savoring -themselves" marketing plan.

I'm in the process as we speak of soaking the field peas. Then I'm going to toss some onion (Jamie's garden), serrano chile (frozen from Maria's), and smoked sausage into it. Cook it overnight, put it in the fridge and package it up for lunch tomorrow!!