Saturday, April 21, 2007

tap tap tap tap tap tap

My bed is full of:

a) clean linens, including duvet cover, sheets and pillowcases
b) pillows
c) non-clothed comforter
d) my $5.99 tailored bedskirt (charcoal tweed)
e) just-washed mattress pad

Poor Jamie has NO idea that one of the reasons I invited her up here was to help me with the housework. (Mom: don't have a cow. I'm kidding) Seriously, though, I do need to put my bedskirt on the bed and rotate the mattress. I can't do it by myself, because the bed is too damn BIG. So yeah, Jamie will come in handy.

I could really go for a nap, for some reason. Maybe it's because it is absolutely glorious outside, which gave me the inclination to go run my hands through the compost bin to see how everything is cooking. It's going's such a nice smell in there! It smells like wet woods.

I was slightly wigged to see a metric crapload of ants living in or near the bin. But really, no biggie. I highly doubt that ants at the far edge of the property line will encourage the other ants to come in and swarm the kitchen, as they have before.

More interesting than the ants are the BIG, FAT woooooorms that are thriving in there. I think they're mostly from the JeniQ load of papershreds that needed more of a compost bin scenario than another trip to her wormlandia for a final breakdown. They've taken over and really plumped up! The worms in the bin are fine, but there's something really exciting about BIG worms. If anyone ever goes fishing and doesn't want to buy bait, well, you know where to find me!

Jamie will be here in about an hour, I'm guessing. I had better get rid of my headache before then.

Off to take an analgesic of some sort....