Monday, April 23, 2007

Dinner Day One

Y'all? I kicked ass. Tonight for dinner I served Jamie the long-promised pupusas and curtido, along with some fortunate locally-prepared (at SuperCompare, natch) chicken sausage.

The pupusas were like this:

•Corn meal masa, wet enough to not crack along the edges.
•Interior: Red serrano pepper with green onion and fresh mozzerella cheese from the Chapel Hill Creamery.
• Formation: grab a raquetball-sized chunk of masa and form into a ball. Stick your thumbs innit like a pinchpot, and spoon some of the sauteed pepper/onion mixture onto it. Then put a slice of the fresh mozz in and squeeze/pat it between two sheets of saran wrap. Shape into a pancake
•Fry in a lightly oiled cast-iron pan.


Oh, and then I took advantage of the supremely golden pan drippings (left after Jamie so expertly made the chicken sausage) by making some gravy that I'll be very happy to put on some of my local potatoes soon!

Sigh. Eating locally on the cheap. Heaven, but hard work!