Friday, April 27, 2007

Mucky Mucks

Yesterday at lunch time, after my sunflower bread breakfast, I found myself in our state legislature, awaiting a house committee meeting. I ran into one of my best friends, who works for our state LGBT advocacy group, and glommed onto him.

I went to show my (and my agency's) support for a new bill being introduced into the state house which would change the standard for sex ed in the schools back to a comprehensive approach, thus casting aside all this abstinence-until-marriage nonsense. It's a great bill!

The meeting was first pushed back an hour and then eventually canceled. I'm not sure what that means politically, but the extra time I had in the legislative building meant I accompanied my friend and the intern working with him to lunch.

Yes, lunch.

But it's the LEGISLATURE! Surely there's an ag lobbyist making sure that the food in the cafeteria is locally sourced, right?

I went with that possibility. I chose the items that, if not local at least COULD be. I had fried catfish, coleslaw and a biscuit. There were actually quite a few options out that could very well have been local. Lots of cabbage, for example, and pork ribs. Lotta pork in this state. (I slay me!)

After eating, I decided to do a little sleuthing about the matter; the state forestry placemats (paid for by private funds!) were encouraging. I asked around and talked to the guy who did the ordering for the cafeteria. I explained the PELC and why I was doing it, and I asked him if they got local ingredients, being the state legislature and all?

Sysco. Ouch.


Dinner was cabbage, mustard greens and asparagus. The cabbage was raw and squeaky, yum! (I'm serious. I love the squeak). The mustard greens were garlicky, and the asparagus was just straight up.