Friday, April 27, 2007

Finally getting some good food around here


The lingering smell of bacon in my kitchen is playing softly off of the heady scent of cherry-almond buttermilk bundt cake.

That's how you reward a lawn mowing job well done!

Bacon smell comes out with a shower, right?


Sometimes I think I should just never think before I do something.

Today I emailed my neighborhood listserv to offer up my extra seedlings to anyone who wanted them. Before I realized exactly what this would mean, I also asked the whole neighborhood if anyone else would be interested in a veggie swap.

And then I listed my entire catalogue, including descriptions of the varieties I chose, lifted directly from the seed company.

The first person to email me back was the president of the neighborhood association. I half expected a "YOU CAN'T GARDEN IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD THE GRASS MUST BE LEVEL AT ALL TIMES" email, but then I remembered that I live in the best freaking urban neighborhood that exists. He basically said, great idea, Stew!

The next person asked if we were related, ha ha ha, because we share the same last name. She is interested in the swap AND came over just now to pick up some seedlings. She's got berries, people. Fruit. I don't have fruit! It was kind of frightening all that we have in common. She has WORMS, too!

Since then, I've had three others email me interested in the swap. It looks like next year I'll have to put in more peas. Half-serious question: anyone have an idea about ways I can barter my veggies?



Food today so far:
Sunflower bread
Bacon. (bacon bacon bacon bacon)
Diet Cheerwine

Southern Biscuit flour
Reconstituted dried cherries