Thursday, April 26, 2007

I can has cheezburger?


I'm having problems staying on the Eat Local Challenge food. I need to figure this out.

I had a mishap with some sausage that kind of threw me off of meat and messed with my field peas. That's fine. I can get over it.

Eating locally is not a problem. Eating on a budget is not a problem. Eating locally on a budget isn't even the problem!

It's my job. I work 30 minutes from where I live. I work (what I consider) long, odd hours. I can't skip home at lunch to whomp up something from my stash. I go to events like lunch meetings that are catered. Working with kids means we often provide them with food. Pizza is a frequent visitor to my work world (both onsite and at other agencies.)

The problem is also my lazy. I've been relying a lot since I went back to work on convenience foods. I've not been cooking during the week. Breakfast has been coffee and a PB&J. Lunch: baby carrots, cookies, crackers, cheese, salad or soup. Dinner: cheese and crackers or takeout or a sandwich or a homemade frozen dinner...I avoid making dishes.

Switching gears to making all my food is part of the problem. That requires planning and a willingness to eat what doesn't necessarily appeal at that very second, no matter how well-prepared and gorgeous it may be. It also means I have to actually cook. I love cooking. I just don't love cooking when I HAVE to.

I had all of these grandiose ideas about what I can make with my local food, but I haven't done it yet. Y'all even gave me great ideas in the comments a couple of posts back. STILL I have done nothing!

Here's a sampling of the great ideas I have had:

Potato salad. Yum. (I have mayo after all!)
Indian cabbage
Cole slaw
More curtido
More pupusas
Hard Boiled Eggs
Peach cobbler
Bacon sandwich
Bacon and eggs and toast

I just don't WANT any of it. I want convenience. Even if that means chopping off a block of cabbage and eating it as is. I've been known to do that. Maybe I'll do that for dinner tonight. It DOES make a pleasantly squeaky feeling on your teeth.

Sheesh I'm a brat in some ways.

Oh, and I have some more challenges coming up. A date on Friday night (!!) and first a work event at lunchtime on Saturday and then a funeral/memorial service that evening at dinner time.

I'm very frustrated and feeling pissy.