Thursday, April 19, 2007


Gang Presence Checklist
To be used as a guide only

1. Is graffiti showing up in your neighborhood or school?

2. Has any graffiti been crossed out by other graffiti?

3. Do some students or young people in the neighborhood wear noticeable
“colors,” bandanas or tattoos?

4. Do some students or neighborhoods display behavior that may be gang
related, such as meeting in groups?

5. Do some students or neighborhood kids flash hand signals?

6. Are drugs available on or near schools or neighborhood?

7. Has there been a significant increase in physical confrontation or “stare
downs” in the last year?

8. Are weapons increasingly present in the community?

9. Do students use or have beepers, pagers, phones?

10. Have there been “drive by” shows or displays of weapons?

11. Have there been any “drive by” shootings in the neighborhood or near the

12. Has the truancy rate noticeably increased during the past year?

13. Have the number of racial incidents increased in the community and/or

14. Does the community have a history of gang presence or activity?

15. Is there an increasing presence of “informal” social groups with unusual
names such as “SUR” or “East Side”?

16. Have your children come home with bruises for no reason?