Friday, April 20, 2007

Furry little bunches of EVIL

If I thought that my Indian Stripes were dead and fried from the accidental "hardening" process that went too far, well, I didn't realize the damage that a squirrel could do in two seconds.
But at least there are some other cool things going on. Shall I do a tour of my first garden EVER? OK, I knew you'd say yes, because, well, I'm really the only one with any say-so now, aren't I?

The healthy tomatoes (blurry!)

The repotted and hopefully-will-recover-Indian-Stripes (very blurry!)

The "did-these-die" beans I'll have Jamie look at. They were the most vulnerable to the freeze we had. I covered them with clear plastic, and hoped for the best. I can't tell if they just look scraggly or if they're a wash and I should replant.

Radishes marking beets. (Bull's blood)

Family heirloom irises I've been lugging around for years despite them never having bloomed before for me. BUDS!!

Peas. Only one inch of topsoil!!

And finally: English Sorrell in the pot Myk├╝ll gave me for my birthday. Notice that the plant to the left (very blurry) is even blooming!

Someone needs a new camera that focuses close up. Hm.