Monday, April 9, 2007

Duffed Dup

Today I finally tried using a neti pot.

Oh, ok, it wasn't a real neti pot; I made do with a bicycle water bottle (sorry Marc, I think it's yours, and now it's been in both of my nostrils). I've had sinus problems since early December, when I began bleeding outrageously at a county auction while visiting Jamie. Nothing major, just dry, itchy and occasionally swollen.

Spring allergies have had me wiped out and itchy. I had heard great things about the neti pot, but just couldn't bring myself to, well, stick a tube in my nose and force water into it, hoping that the technique would NOT leave me feeling drowned, but rather just freshly cleansed. I did want to rinse out all the yuck that people tell me is up in there, like pollen and other sinusy goodness.

So disappointing!!

I neither feel better nor are my sinuses clearer. Nothing unseemly rushed out of my nostrils, and I have to admit, half of what was motivating me was that gross/cool feeling I get when I watch a surgery or something.

It was basically just warm, slightly salty water running out of one nostril while I gently forced it into the other one. Not horribly unpleasant, but definitely not the cureall I was hoping for.


Has anyone else done this with better results? Am I just expecting too much, too soon?