Thursday, April 12, 2007

Soy Ploy

I got these free in the mail yesterday. I was supposed to, via their marketing instructions, "spread the Soyjoy" by eating one and giving two away. It's better for them that I ate two and plan to toss the third.

Blech. Why I even finished the first makes me scratch my head. Let's blame it on my being hungry and not very....awake. They're sour and bland at the same time, with a texture kind of like an extruded, soft-in-a-bad-way, tightly-"crumbed" biscotto. (Yes, I went there.)

p.s. don't let cheap mangos get overripe. They lose both the tang and the sweet, becoming just bland. Or maybe that's because they had to ripen here at home rather than at ALL on the tree.