Friday, March 30, 2007

Constant Struggles

All of a sudden it's after 3 p.m. here. I had the day off today, because my job incorporates lots of 'after hours' work opps. Well, not 'opps' so much as mandates. But that's fine, because I can then take Friday off. Which I did last week, too.

What is NOT fine is finding myself here having accomplished little of what I'd hoped to get done today. Sure I've done a couple of things, but I really needed a solid day's worth of housework/errands running today to catch up on the slack that I've been since I went back to work.

So what you're going to get from me today is a to-do list. I keep having new things come to mind when I'm in the shower or the plant shed, but by the time I think about it again, the task has slipped my mind. My brain gets full pretty easily.

There are so many things...Mom? If you read this, don't bitch at me for the things I haven't done yet. "I know! I suck!" is my only answer, and my deeply felt guilt already takes its toll. For the rest of you, constructive ideas about managing my life are always welcome.

I have the rest of the day today to make as many inroads into this list as possible. Tomorrow a.m. early I'm swinging by Crazy John's place (He LIVES!), and we're going to have a day trip to see some birdies. I've not been birding in a while, and it's the very beginning of migration season. Maybe the painted bunting will come poop on my head! On Sunday, my friend Maria is going to come over to see my house (must CLEAN!) and she's going to help me move the last empty bed into place. Later that day I'm heading out to the BBQ capital of my state, for a training that will take place on Monday.

The ONE thing that absolutely must happen today is the meds buying; the prescription is expiring.

Whew. OK. BREAK!

Load dishwasher
• Run dishwasher
• Clean filthy counters
• Sweep
• Mop
• Clean off surfaces...make some order, already!

• Put away clean clothes
• Wash dirty clothes
• Pick up shoes
• Wash bedclothes
• Find resting places for extraneous surface crap.
• Vacuum and then swiffer and then mop.
• Install new bedskirt
• Rotate mattress

Living room:
• Remove stack of recyclable paper
• Take bedding off of couch
• Swiffer

Extra bedroom:
• Turn table back into a desk after stint as germinating table
• Move desk stuff off of bed
• Put sheets on bed

• Get last seizure med refill
• Make a call to doc for a new script.
• Find a lab to get thyroid levels checked

• Mow lawn
Plant radishes
Plant beets
Plant Swiss chard
Plant onions
Plant beans?
Feed the worms
Repot the sorrell into the Myk├╝ll gift pot
Water the bed
Turn the compost pile
• Move dirt
• Move bed frame to sunny spot

• Do taxes
• Do 2006 Health Savings Account reimbursements (BTW, I don't care what the savings are. I am NOT organized enough to make this work my way. Never AGAIN.)
• Pay rent
• Pay bills
• Deposit paycheck
• Collect 1/2 of past water bill from deadbeat former housemate (Yeah right. it's only ~$20. I should just write that off. I emailed him about it over a week ago with no response. I get the feeling he's going to "stick it to me!" I feel pretty bad for him...not even willing to pay his past debts.)
• Find new roommate, trying not to be as freaked out by my last bad living experience as much as I was with my last bad job experience...

• Get bashed in side fixed (mom, this is what you can't bug me about. the anxiety about not having done it is out the roof as it is)
• Fix the windshield
• Take in to see why the maintenence light is on
• Figure out when to get the timing belt changed
• Figure out where to get maintenence done in this new town (Honda owners, any ideas?)