Saturday, February 3, 2007

Media Mix

I really like the sentiment behind making mixed tapes*. I've also always been really bad at it. The last time I tried to make a mixed tape was for my dad, probably 3-4 years ago. I had an idea. It was good, but I petered out in the follow-through.**

The time before THAT that I tried to make a mixed tape I think it actually was a tape, and I would not be at all surprised if it had The Escape Club on it.

Others, though, have been extremely good and nice and wonderful about making me tapes. Last year, Jerry made me a CD composed entirely of songs with my name in them. I love it. My college boyfriend, who is now a brewer here, used to make me tape after tape after tape in the early 1990s. That's how I first heard Pearl Jam. Some of my favorite Spanish songs also come from a tape my friend Marta made me. I ended up buying all the CDs of all the songs on that one...crazy.

I bring all this up, though, because I've been listening to music a lot more in the last couple of months than I had for years and years. Part of that is because I have a CD player in my car AND a CD player at home now. The other part is cause I've had some great wonderful people who are exposing me to mixes.

The lovely Imperatrix got in on the goodness last week, and mailed me an unsolicited "Happy Mix for Stewie." I don't bitch and grump and moan on the blog to get CDs sent to me, but it was a nice side effect. Heh.

I've listened to the mix about 7-8 times now, and I have some favorites, though I really do like them all (good job, Imperatrix!)

The catchy/feelgood ones:
Golden by Jill Scott
Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall
Wake Up by The Ditty Bops

The Classic
Manha Manha (not this version: the Cake one)

The Naughty:
Chipmunk Fun by The Chipmunks (scroll down and click if you wanna hear it)

The Angry:
New Kicks by Le Tigre

Thanks everybody....

*Okay, everyone here knows it's a CD and not an actual TDK 90 min cassette, right? Sometimes it comes out of my mouth as 'tape' and sometimes as CD. We'll see what happens in this entry!

**If anyone feels like making my dad a CD, find a bunch of old songs that have been either covered or sampled in modern music. Example: America's Ventura Highway and Someone to call my lover (notice on Janet's video that she acknowledges sampling the opening riff to VH). Then juxtapose them. I thought Dad would like that.