Sunday, February 4, 2007

a hose, a cupcake and a marshmallow walk into a bar

Happy Birthday to me!

I had some people over last night, and had a lot better a time than I was expecting to. In fact, I've been so antisocial recently that i came this ---><--- close to just up and canceling the party. Today I'm planning on going to one of my favorite places with one of my favorite people, and then not doing much else. Hm. Maybe I'll think about things to get for the garden! Breakfast was a turquoise/teal-frosted cupcake (Thanks Pinky!) and a mocha latte, cobbled together from some decadent hot chocolate Marianne brought over, combined with espresso. I call it the Diabetes Special. I had to follow it up just now with a green-bean/potato/pesto concoction. I put too much oil in it, unfortch.

Special thanks to all of you who did so much to help me celebrate my birthday... I won't even feel vaguely alone today!