Friday, January 5, 2007


Epiphanies, a-ha moments, lapses into brilliance...don't usually hit me often. But when they do? WHEN THEY DO!!!! I get knocked over onto my ass or into a bathtub or off the bed with their force.

Last night I almost got in a car crash. After taking the rent checks over to the realty company, I stopped in at a local chain store to do some shopping. Browsing, really. As I walked in, I noticed they had a help wanted sign.

Hmmmmmmmmmm. I almost hadn't gone in to the store. I pass by it all the time. Every month, in fact. It's a highly specialized boutique, and so you really have to have a specific reason to go inside. Mine was research. (Ahem.)

The crash that didn't happen came as I was leaving the store. I got distracted by thinking about the encounter I had just had with the young woman working at the cash register. I had inquired about the scheduling of the position, about the wage, and had requested an application. For the first time in a long time I got excited about a potential job. It's also a really tough left turn. And I didn't crash, which bodes well.

Y'all? I miss the field.*

And there's a LARGE corporation nearby that has some marketing positions open. I've been advised by those who have worked there before to make sure to go with a "suits" position instead of a "proles" job such as working the catalog order phone lines.

I like feeling excited again about working.

*My job before last was running a teen-pregnancy prevention program. The work was awesome. The pay and lack of job security was abysmal.