Friday, January 12, 2007


Hi. I have a sitemeter now. That means I can kind of tell who comes here. I don't know NAMES or anything, but I can see if someone from Devon comes by, for example.

I know I have readers in certain cities. But I also discovered, disturbingly, that there are people who read this regularly and who live in cities I have never heard of. EVER.

I can think of three silent readers in particular. One is in the midwest, one in the northeast, and one in the rockies.

Apparently this week is Delurking Week. (I know it's a tired schtick, but humor me. I want to see who all I can meet here.)

From now until next Friday, please comment! Even if it's just to say HI!

Here's your prize.
I didn't know the internets could do that! Makes my 1982 Stew happy.

p.s. Thanks Pinky, for giving me a new coat to use birding. Poor, poor lavender and white Columbia snow jacket. HI CUTE NEW Black/royal reversible Land's End down jacket!