Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Student as Ni**er

(N.B. See comments for an explanation of the inflammatory post title)

I'm a Kick Ass Shopper, finding what I want/need for ridiculously low prices. I also have a realllllly hard time spending money. Even when I have the cash to spare, I tend not to buy something I like if it's not 100% neccessary or highly desired. If I need it and it's $5 more than I want to spend? Not buying it.

I'm similarly ruthless when it comes to culling STUFF from my house. I feel no compunction to hold onto things unless they are used often, have intrinsic monetary value, provide extreme pleasure*, or have personal sentimental value. Anything else I'll periodically toss**.

Of course this comes back to bite me in the ass sometimes, like when I sell a bunch of clothes at consignment, only to gain the weight back within a year and have to buy all new ones. Ahem. Not that that's ever happened or anything.

I fell out of that pattern yesterday. I bought something entirely frivolous, at a time when I really don't need to be doing that. I had to really struggle to overcome my gut feeling of putting it back on the shelf, because a strong part of me NEEDED this t-shirt.

Rationalization helped a bit. I had just scored a very well-fitting pair of cords and a button down shirt that matched for $3.06. Total.

Really, could YOU turn this down for another $3.19?



Somehow I don't think it's this Jerry Farber, though I bet he'd approve.

p.s. Nice title! It has quite a ZING to it. Makes me want to read the essay, which I had never heard of before today.

*Fiber Optic Jesus fits this definition
**This means Donate To Local Thrift Store or Elsewise Discard of Without Being Irresponsible, Most of the Time.