Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Civil Duty

Dear Stew Readers (all 20 of you.)

Today I took a personal day. I got up nice and early and went to my polling place to find some neighbors who could direct me to a volunteer need. Locally they have more volunteers than they even need. I believe "glut" was the word they used. So instead, I'm going to go north to a smaller, more rural district at about noon. They are lacking volunteers, and frankly, I'm hoping we can do more good there anyway. I know people in my neighborhood are voting Obama almost without exception. Up there? Not so much.

I'm really, really excited about what may happen today. Please please please let it be Obama. Locally, let's get Dole out of Washington in favor of Kay Hagan (who, btw, advocates for raw milk!)

And please let it be No on Prop 8 in California, as well as No on Prop 4. And I'm begging that South Dakota reject Measure 11. And in Colorado, please quash Amendment 48. Arizona, keep your constitution off the rights of the queer brothers and sisters I stand up with.

I'm sure there are more ballot measures that I oppose or support, but for me right now, it's time to get ready for action here in NC.