Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Better, I think

Dad called me just now, and said he felt bad for dumping his troubles on me. As IF! I'm glad he told me about it. Even though it's sad to hear he's feeling crappy, I'd much rather know about it, and help if I can.

Anyhoo, he said he's feeling better, but that it's a day-by-day thing.

In other news, I'm getting really excited about an idea that's been floating around the office here, to create a youth community garden as a childhood obesity prevention initiative. I'd been thinking about it myself, since we've been getting more and more into that particular topic here at work. I mentioned it in passing yesterday while everyone was gathered in the conference room eating cake piped with hot-pink icing (hypocrites!), and it turns out I'm not the only person who is thinking that'd be a great idea.

It would be a huge undertaking, and guess who'd be the primary person doing it? MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Luckily we have a sister-city with an organization dedicated to similar programming, though with a different mission.

It may just be a pipe dream, but I know others who are working on similar things who can also advise, I'm sure.