Friday, February 1, 2008

The Day

I've decided to take Monday, February 4th off from work. I want to plan a day of extreme goodness, with no laundry, cleaning or any other "must-do's". It will be a day of ME ME ME.

I don't have all that many ideas of what that's going to mean, though. I know most if not all people are working on Monday, so it might be a day of solitude. One thing I've considered is establishing my (soon-to-be-purchased) grow light setup and beginning some seedlings. Part of that process is hauling some stainless steel wire shelving out of the shed. New Roommate has agreed to help me put it together. That will go in my bedroom, by the south-facing window. I will then purchase and hang a shoplight with some kind of florescent lightbulbs in it. I'm still working out what kind of bulbs I need, but I'll figure that out soon enough.

Other ideas I've had involve hopping over to the Aveda Institute for some pampering on the cheap. I need a haircut, and could use a pedicure.

Finally, I'm going to dinner with my sweet Nem. (Emily).

Not bad, eh?