Thursday, January 31, 2008

On substance use

I just got back from a fab dinner with Michele at a newish Cuban restaurant in that one town where everything looks the same.

I'm a bit hopped up, as I just finished two, count them TWO Diet Matervas. Michele didn't like hers. Neither of us knew what to expect, but I'm a fan of Yerba Mate. The soda tastes remarkably the same as a diet Red Bull. Whoa. But apparently it has health benefits like improving my immune system and sexual health, according to, my go-to website for health information.

Today's my grandma's 89th birthday, and she was cuter even than she normally is when I called her tonight after work. She talked about the fantastic food my mom had made her, at length. We discussed how she never used to like lamb when she lived in Chicago, which just goes to show you that that you have to keep trying things, and my goodness I've had a lot of wine, and Freddie called me today, and Sissy sang Happy Birthday over the phone to me, and we had the best potatoes, they're little and long and skinny, fingers? Fingerlings. Yes. Oh, and Anne Churchill came to visit you know her, don't you Stew? I didn't think you'd remember your grandma's birthday, Stewie! Oh and Linda was in on Sunday and she's probably coming by tomorrow, too, and oh, I don't remember what else. I've had so much wine I can't remember anything!

I'm guessing she had one glass. Grandma is the bestest. I heart her.

Dad seems to be doing well. He's still in the hospital, but had some visitors today. My sister brought him flowers from "us" and let him know that I didn't know about them. Aw! They're always picking up my slack. I am such a slacker.