Monday, January 28, 2008

Real quick

Marc has moved back to the USA, so he can comment now. I'm heading out to the Piedmont to meet him for dinner with another of his friends in just a bit now.

I plan to have:
smoked mackerel with hard boiled eggs, capers, shallots & créme fraîche
farmer’s lettuce salad with picked herbs & roasted shallott vinaigrette
pommes frîtes with aïoli

I've never eaten there before, so we'll see how it is!

A big bonus: they didn't have the menu on the blog when I was looking at it, so I emailed them. They emailed me back when it was posted and apologized for it being late.

Update: the results.
I'm very, very full. I ended up switching out the salad with a cheese plate:
mountaineer with pistachios, raw cow’s milk, va
carolina moon with honeycomb, cow’s milk, nc

The carolina moon was the best part of the dinner. Honeycomb made it more fabulous than normal.

OK I have to fall asleep now. G'nite.