Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dribs and Drabs

Let's see.

I just ate about 2 cups of mesclun and a bit of sorrel directly from the plants. The rest of my dinner will be hard-boiled eggs. I'm living life on the edge. I got the above technique to work for the first time ever.

My car is covered with a tarp, to ward off any crazy ice on the windows. I don't have a scraper, but I do have a pot full of dirt on the roof in an attempt to make the tarp not blow away. My preparations will likely make there be no snow day tomorrow here.

I just spelled tomorrow tommorow somehow. No idea.

A work colleague from a different organization emailed me today: "Odd, quick question. Do you have a blog? I was googling x topic that we work with, and a blog came up. I'm 92% sure it's you, and you need to try the donuts at the Fractured Prune." Apparently they're made to order, those donuts. He promised not to out me to the world of other colleagues. Not that I say anything on here that would be a fireable offense, but still. I do get personal.

Anyone wanna take bets on whether my cabbages live through this wintery mix? They made it through the two days of extremely low temperatures when they had their leaves frozen solid, and are finally beginning to head a little.