Monday, December 24, 2007


Here's the thing; they're rarely spot on for the person you wanted to give them to. They're rarely just right for you.

Kids get hyped up galore and seem to lose all manners entirely. "I don't really like it, but thanks anyway." That was a blast. I didn't see even one of the three kids get a gift they liked. It was a study in overstimulation followed by disappointment followed by a crash. I'm waiting on that last one, but I know it will happen.

Mom and Pedro both have a stomach virus. Mom is upstairs unable to move, and Pete is down with the kids and my grandma while the present opening happens. Mom somehow managed to make the twice-baked potatoes before she took to bed, but it was up to me to make the beef tenderloin roast.

No pressure.

Pedro figured out the fancy schmancy oven I'd never worked with. The tenderloin was tied up, so it was just a matter of hoping the oven didn't overcook the roast, seasoning it, and taking it out after 15 minutes on high to dress it with brandy, shallots, rosemary and green onions, and then letting it cook the rest of the way. It was decent, but there were no truly rare parts. There were, however, some beautiful medium rare sections of yumminess.

The kids didn't eat it, I wolfed it all down, Annie was busy fielding the "why can't we open presents NOW" questions; it was hardly a restful Christmas Eve.

Oh wait. The boys DID bring us some Christmas Wafer from Christmas Eve Mass. I'd never seen it before and it was really funny. Basically it's that communion wafer, stamped with pictures of Christmas scenes. Another high point was when my sweet Karen IMed me and we chatted with our webcams on. I couldn't get the boys out of my lap or stop them from making funny faces. K showed off her two beautiful sprogs. When I was taking my Grandma home after the festivities, she realized that K could SEE her.

I started this last night; I'm finishing it this morning.

I'm making mom some rice (she's on the BRAT diet now), and then I'm heading over to Annie's for brunch.