Monday, December 24, 2007


The beer didn't make it long enough to have frozen, thank GAWD. But now it's entirely gone, sniff. As my sister once said as an 8th grader on a trip to Spain, in a resigned tone of voice, "Oh well, wine again..."

I've confiscated/rescued a bottle of cherry wine from the beer fridge that looks to be either tasty in its sweetness or horrible in its attempt to be real wine. I hope it has embraced its cherryness. We'll see when I get back from Dad's house.

We had a lot of power outages in this area last night because of the wind, but not so much snow. I'll have all-wheel drive with brand new tires and stability control to make it out into the hinterlands where my father lives, and then back in time for the traditional dinner my mumma makes. Then it's time to try to fool the kids into thinking that Santa managed to come early so we can open presents.

Tomorrow is a brunch at my sister's and then a big ham dinner here at Mom's. Overeating is par for the course here Chez StewFamily during this season.

For those of you following the cookie saga, I bought my mom a Springerle rolling pin as an extra xmas gift and made her open it early. I'd been gifted hers, and then I couldn't find it when she wanted it brought home. Now we have cookies! Whee!

Red-breasted nuthatches are the most exciting bird so far.

Here are some pictures of the family for your pleasure (but mostly for mine).

Liam, whose favorite color is orange because of his hair, winking for the camera. Age 5.

My sister and I, on her birthday; not the best picture of us.

Conor, aged 9.4, being a total goofball. Par for the course.

Pedro and I.

Mumma and I! We're so cute, aren't we?

Ian, aged 9.4 as well, putting up with me grudgingly. "Aunt Stew, I hate pictures."

Liam being sweet.