Thursday, December 6, 2007

Odds and Ends

Thirteen out of the 23 students in my first period class yesterday was wearing Clarks Wallabees. The second most popular shoe is the Sperry Topsider.

In 1993, I tried to single-handedly catapult Clarks Desert Boots to the top of post-collegiate fashion scene. Considering I was working at a private day/boarding school at the time, though, it came less ironically than I'd wanted it to, though.

(OMG! In looking up the link to the school, I found out there was a big fire there in August that burned down the beautiful library. Check out this slideshow. It also will show you how extremely traditional this school is.)

I spent time with approximately 250 kids over the last 1.5 days. In most cases I learned ~2/3 of their names.

My nose is so cracked and sore on the inside that it makes me want to cry.

I'm starting to have a freak-out about a grant I'm writing. I've never written a grant before. It's for a lot of money--like, enough to double the programs and staff in my department. OK, so that means going from one to two, but still. I'm feeling like there might be some kind of "all-nighter" issue happening at some point.

My boss referred to a meeting I'd be a regular member of as a "Management team" meeting. That's good, I think.