Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Did I mention I love Photo Booth?

I do actually have a real digital camera, but there's a LOT to be said for the convenience of my built-in iSight. I'm not a hobby photographer; I just like to record ephemera. Again, as long as it's convenient. When I used to have a cheapo 35 mm camera, I'd take pictures, but a) I'd hoard them and b) I never got the film developed anyway. Once I got a digital camera, I took WAY more, and didn't care if they sucked. All that hooking up to the computer and slooooooow downloading was still a pain that got in the way of my taking pictures as often as I'd want.

Now, though?

Now I can publish a picture of me every day, if I wanted to (and I've apparently wanted to, recently!)

But today I'm just showing you how pathetic my carrots are. Please feel extreme pathos for them. And also send some encouraging thoughts my way for my annual rye cover crop (which I planted today after finally getting some) and my onion sets.