Tuesday, November 20, 2007


There are 19 tomatoes in varying stages of ripeness on my kitchen table. There are as many as that again that are true green over on my counter. And then there are probably 10 or so more that are still hanging out on the vines. It's Thanksgiving week, and I still have garden tomatoes. I'd have never expected that. Looks like it's time for some creative green tomato uses! Maybe salsa...

I think this weekend (Long weekend! Celebrate!) I'll be spending some time outdoors tending to the garden and yard. We've finally gotten leaves falling, which will be perfect as a winter mulch for the new bed. I have tomato cages to put up, and chicken wire to roll.

Maria is taking me in for Thanksgiving. It will be a small get-together--Maria, David, Maria's sister in law Betsy, and me. I'm in charge of getting a kick-ass white wine. The rest (turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, cranberry sauce, tomato apple chutney, various breads, creamed corn, squash pie) is up to them.

If I get *my* act together, I'll make my mom's pecan pie, as well. Can't have too much pie, you know? And besides, we'll walk it off. Right?

As an orphan this holiday, I appreciate all the people who have offered me a place at their table. Maria asked me if I knew anyone else who was alone this holiday, and I don't. But if you are, and if you live around here? Let me know. There's space with us.