Friday, November 23, 2007


Just because I love food traditions, I wanted to ask y'all to weigh in about what was on the table yesterday. Was there anything you didn't have that you wished to? Is there anything you make just because the meal wouldn't be the same without it but which you don't really enjoy?

I'm assuming here that there are four things that are the core of the US-ian Thanksgiving Experience: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy. Some would include cranberry relish as also being a must.

We had all of that. Also--beans, several varieties frozen during the summer and cooked southern style (until khaki colored with bacon). Corn pudding--it was a sweet, creamy custard with just enough red bell peppers to make it fun. Cranberry relish--freshly ground (raw) cranberries with orange and walnuts. David's fantastic no-knead bread. Green tomato chutney. Green tomato and lemon marmalade. White wine. Red wine. Pecan pie and also squash pie. Maria grew the squash. Everything but the corn (frozen), cranberries and citrus was local, I'm pretty sure. Maybe not the potatoes.

So, since that was my dinner, what did y'all have?