Saturday, November 3, 2007


My brain has been allowing about 1.5 thoughts before changing tack entirely. So here are some tidbits.

Doughnuts are good in the fall--especially when they're hot, cinnamon sugar cake doughnuts, with good apple cider from a local orchard.

Molding Mud reminds me of Spain.

Hot chocolate needs a squitch of salt in it.

I had weird dreams last night that involved a former boss--anxiety dreams.

When I was in middle school or maybe high school, some nearby business deep friend cinnamon raisin bagels and then dredged them in cinnamon sugar. Damn those were good.

I must be going through cinnamon withdrawal.

An unknown someone probably bought me a membership to the Audubon Society, because I got a fancy Audubon journal thingy in the mail last week. It has a beautiful Vermillion Flycatcher on the cover. I didn't get it for myself, and it also has my nickname on the mailing address. I only use my full first name on paperwork. I don't know who got it for me, though.

Actually, take that back. I have no idea why I have this journal. It seems to be affiliated only with the Christmas Bird Count.

Cobby-Cobberson is the talker/toucher, Bubbina is the surly loner* and LiLi is the aesthete/charmer.

I'm tired.

*in a good way