Friday, November 2, 2007


I'm not the only one barely functioning in this house. My poor itsy bitsy 4 (maybe 5??) year old iBook has been on a sharp decline for the last year or so. Its CD drive doesn't let cds back out. You have to lube it with a q-tip and some water (going on at least 2 years that way, now). The keyboard was replaced about a year ago; the one Apple sent wasn't quite the right size, but despite a nice lump in the middle it does at least work. The memory is so insufficient for normal operations these days that I've become used to a 10 character lag when typing. The power cord (iteration 3) is cobbled together from a couple that had different malfunctioning parts. Battery #2 (3?) isn't holding much of a charge any more. Yesterday it had gotten down to 65% full, when suddenly it announced I was running on reserve backup power.

Yeah, it's time.

As a combined birthday-xmas-thankgodyoudon'thavechildrenforustospendon gift, my mom graciously offered to get me a new laptop. She made the offer a few weeks ago. I didn't act immediately.

Yesterday Apple brought out a whole new crop of MacBooks!

The order is going in today. Woot!