Wednesday, November 7, 2007

By the numbers

Back to work with a vengeance. I am pausing to take a breath after a day-long training in planning and evaluating effective programs to prevent teen pregnancy. When I'm done with my mini-break, it's off to a dinner engagement to celebrate fabulous women who win awards for being kick-ass. I nominated the one who won in the Teen Woman category.

3 meals eaten out at work events today.
2 slinkies
8 mini Koosh
1 blue and green yin/yang symbol molded from Playdough.
2 suits tried on to find something to wear tonight.
0 clothes that fit AND are both weather and event appropriate.
1 pair of boots that won't zip over my calf.
10 minutes contemplating how mad boss would be if I didn't go tonight
2 cups of coffee
12 FOURTEEN hour long day.
2 shades of lipstick used.
15 30 minutes late ETA
12 hours I feel like I could sleep right this second.
1 cute guy at training.
1 cute guy at training about my age.
1 cute and single guy at training about my age.
1 cute, single and gay guy at training about my age.
1 female colleague who rooted that out of him.