Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Quick update

Because I KNOW you want to know the minutia of my life and die a little death* when I skip a day.

Most importantly:

Next: Overwhelmingly busy at work. College recs to write, grants to plan programming for (huge task), tons of community education programming, trainings to go to, meetings to go to, fund raisers to go to, paperwork backup to beat into submission....ARGH!

Also: Last night I went out with the boy who called a couple of days ago. I had major reservations, but it was a Good Thing in that I feel closure and a sense of peace. The "what ifs" I'd been mulling over are now satisfied--there would have been exactly no positive outcome. WOOT!

Finally: I met Mary Easley last night at a reception I went to at the Governor's Mansion. She was extremely personable, and I am SO fancy. We talked about the rufous hummingbird that over-wintered at their house last year. It's not yet shown its vibratey body this year, but a rare bird is always a fun thing.

*Not that kind.