Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I pity men in some ways. The strong gender roles society put on them is just a bitch. The closest equivalents I can come up with for the non-offensive "tomboy" would be "nancy boy" or "sissy boy." Oh MY what a difference in connotation!

So, given that, here's a recommendation for those of you who are not constrained by societal norms for your gender identity: Go to Eckerds that are switching to Rite Aid and hunt around for a clearance section. There are tons of makeup products that, though occasionally beat-up looking on the outside, haven't been opened or used.

This was my haul today:

1 pack of eyebrow shaper wax strips
4 lipsticks
2 eyeshadow cremes
1 eyeshadow powder
1 mascara

Guess the total?