Monday, September 3, 2007

Oh my.

Notes from Michigan, before I leave:

1) Thankfully, the box that I'll be filling with 40 lbs of frozen tart cherries will fit the luggage requirements, even if do go for the dry ice method.

2) Even the cutest little nephew* can get annoying.*

3) Stella the Labradoodle is the nicest blond dog in the house. And her legs will outlast your arm any day, even though she's leaping through water and you have a catapult.

4) The birds are by the crolf course by early September and not the nature preserve. Red-eyed vireos, black-capped chickadees, tufted titmice...and one magnolia warbler. Other stuff, too, but I can't remember.

*Aunt Nen, can I sleep with YOU? Aunt Nen, will you eat next to me? Aunt Nen? I love you! Aunt Nen, can I come live with you at your house? Aunt Nen? Can I sit on your lap? Aunt Nen, it was so nice to 'nuggle with you.

**Aunt Nen, tell me if I'm about to pee the bed, OK? Aunt Nen, I'll just pat your fat tummy. Aunt Nen, can I come in? Aunt Nen, can I come in the shower with you? Aunt Nen, are those your milk nipples? (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Aunt Nen, do you have milk in your nipples? (Why did I think he was so cute again??)