Saturday, September 15, 2007


Are you at all sick of this if-it-weren't-so-real-it'd-be-saccharine mood?

Blame it on the rain.

Or maybe the bushel of Virginia Stayman apples I got at the SW Virginia Farmer's Market today that are currently cooking into applesauce for the canning. (Once again, thanks go out to our Marianne for my crockpot.)

Local apples which I bought on the way back from a wedding.

Where I saw my friend Cosmo marry the most perfect for him woman ever, each pledging vows that were exquisitely real.

While I was sitting with my good friend Nemoid.

Next to a spring-fed brook teeming with watercress.

Which I sampled.

But forgot to harvest.

OR maybe it's because I found out I'm getting a new computer for Christmas (together with my birthday).

A computer that, theoretically, won't have such issues as deciding not to charge. Or to only allow one application open before the spinny, rainbow wheel kicks in.

And I can get it whenever I want it. As long as I don't bitch when the holidays come.

Or maybe it's because I'm sunburned to a crisp.

Because of five straight hours in sunlight today, sans sunscreen.

Because you don't NEED sunscreen when it's only in the mid-60s, right?

And it's cold enough in those mountains to need a wrap.

Which you didn't bring.

Because you don't have one.

So you can just make one, right? No problem. 2 yards of brocade satin, some new scissors, 45 minutes to kill, a needle and thread? Wrap.

Or maybe I'm just happy. Things are going really, really, really well, my friends.