Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sing it from the mountaintops, hm?

You know, I was just pleasantly surprised. On a whim, I went over to that website where you can look for dates? The one that rhymes with Snatch Dom, not Tree Dharmony.

I've looked there from time to time. It usually seems like an exercise in frustration because:

a) I'm not signed up and
b) even if I were, unless the guy was signed up, too, you can't contact them. And then there's
c) my not-so-great experiences to date (not the ones where I've become friends with the guy, ahem you know who you are) that make me a little gun shy about the online dating thingy. Oh, and
d) slim pickings because of either
e) the guy seems off in some way or
f) I seem off to the guy in some way or
g) I've already dated the person.


Anyway, today I winked at a few new men, (HI GUISE!), and I'm hoping the clues I left in my profile will lead them to email me off-grid.