Monday, August 13, 2007

Saved from the starlings! (OLS Week 8)

Another thing happened on Saturday. Michele decided she needed some 7-pepper jelly and since we were in the immediate neighborhood, we zipped on over to get her some.

On our way, we came across a treat. An untended fig tree! There were birds all over it, and the base was littered with overripe fruit that had fallen off.

I decided we need some. Michele and I picked off the figs that were still attached to the tree and got this:

For my One Local Summer meal this week, I know I was going to have to do something with them. Mmmmmm. Broiled figs with honey and cream.

Uwharrie Mountain Honey- 119 miles
Mapleview Farm cream-16 miles
Figs: 3.2 miles

The main dish wasn't near as good. On the pro-side, I ate some meat. (It had been a while). On the con side, what appealed to me yesterday when I made this (it's reheated), didn't really strike my fancy today.

Pork Chop: "Local" from Whole Paycheck.
Day old bread 3.2 miles
Butter: Mapleview Farm. 16 miles.
Long beans. Um. Farmer's market (I should really pay more attention to who I buy from)
Summer Squash: 0 miles
Onions: Farmer's market. Rougemont, maybe. 16 miles.
Sage: 0 miles