Sunday, August 19, 2007

I never did like math

I have two 4' x 10' raised beds, which totals 80 square feet of garden.

It's fall planting time.

For the last hour or so I've been trying to figure out how to lay out my garden. I have made my own grid paper, listed the crops I want, and listed the number of inches apart they have to be. Spacing information comes from the NC cooperative extension. Any calculation errors, not surprisingly, are mine.

Carrots 2" 36/sq foot
Radishes 2" 36/sq foot
Turnips 2" 36/sq foot
Garlic 4" 9/sq foot
Onions 4" 9/sq foot
Rutabaga 4" 9/sq foot
Lettuce 6" 4/sq foot
Cabbage 12" 1/sq foot

These are the fillers. Cause they can all be shoved into one square foot.

But these other ones confound me:

Broccoli 18"
Cauliflower 18"
Brussels sprouts 20"

Do those 18" ones mean I need to , at least theoretically, have one plant per 9 square feet? That would give it 18" from all sides. That's what it must mean. Wow. Do I really want these big veggies?

Something is wrong with my plan. Tell me what it is. If you'd like, sketch me out a plan and email it to me! (la to the stewie at the gmail)


To do:

Rip out beans
Rip out dill
Rip out (sniff) pink beefsteaks (damn blight)
Till and amend soil in East bed
Till cucumber area of West bed and amend.

Plant as soon as you know what goes where!!