Friday, August 3, 2007


May have spoken too soon about the roomie situation. We'll see. There are some external circumstances that need to be resolved before her decision can even be finalized. The prospect of actually having a seemingly sane roommate really amped me up though. It's felt so undoable that it's hard to motivate to keep. going. already. At this juncture I can either let myself feel beaten down and miserable or I can do that whole dusting off thing.

I overslept this morning, and I'm a little discombobulated still. I have a deadline, and after I get that work done and taken care of, I'll be through for the day. Speaking of motivation, I'll be getting on with that here in a minute.

I've plans to watch movies with a co-worker this evening. He has dogs. Dogs are good. I spent a little too much time yesterday shopping for doggies at rescue sites within, oh, 2-3 hours from home.
This one charmed me, not surprisingly. Not looking for a puppy, though.

I dropped an open can of soda on my foot this morning when leaving the house. I left it where it lay; couldn't be bothered to pick it up. I considered going inside to change my shoes, considering it drowned my entire right toe box, but decided that since it was diet it really didn't matter that much. And besides, they're sandals.

OK, off to do a little writing.

Oh. My lone cantaloupe is ripe. It's teensy--maybe six inches at its widest part. Sure does smell good, though.