Wednesday, July 25, 2007

One Local Summer Week Five

Marco came over! He was ready to EAT.

He contributed to the cause by bringing a nice 6-pack of Duck Rabbit Porter. YUM!

We ate well and too much. After the below dinner, we went to Locopops, skipping the fruit salad I had prepared (cantaloupe, blueberries courtesy of Lyon Farms). Oops.

The meal contained:

  • Mapleview Farm butter
  • Indian stripe tomatoes from the garden
  • Pink beefsteak tomatoes from the garden
  • Green Zebra tomatoes from Harland's Creek Farm a farm in Pittsboro that I will come back and link to
  • Fresh mozz from Chapel Hill Creamery
  • Potato salad made with Duke's mayo (Ew. Sorry. I'm one of the few who really dislikes Duke's), my pickles, my onions, mustard, NC potatoes, eggs from Latta's farm in Hillsborough, salt, pepper, vinegar
  • Mixed greens (chard, sorrel and beet greens--garden) with garlic from L'il Farm out of White Cross, NC
  • Cuke/red pepper salad, based on Jamie's recipe. Seasonings from afar, veggies from my garden. Overall? YUM.
  • Summer squash and onions, caramelized with butter, salt and pepper.
  • Bread from Guglhupf bakery
Everything except seasonings and the mayo came from my county or the county that borders mine, or my own garden. Not bad.