Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mystery SOLVED


I saw your recent blog post and wanted to solve the little mystery you posed to your readers. Our editor who lives in the Research Triangle was a reader of your blog, and loved the hyperlocal aspect of your content, so she added your blog to our system. We have your feed included in our site and thus automatically grab all posts. You can view your posts that are linked to our Place pages on your blogmap here. (The more specific locations and Places you blog about, the more that show up on that map.

We have a new feature that helps bloggers submit location information to our site, the "where" tag, which would be great for your blog. If you add the "where" tag to the text for your posts that refer to a specific location (farm stand, etc.) you can add either the zip code or specific address. Then your post will show up on the correct page in automatically. Check out our new features for adding content here.

If you're curious about our site and the principles behind it, click through here.

Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have about our features, submission guidelines, or site in general.


Neighbor Liaison