Sunday, July 15, 2007

Guess what I found!

Last time you saw my garden it looked kind of like this:

Well, if things haven't changed! Here's what it looks like today.

Same row, different view:

Peppers (not sure what kind! Hopefully Frigitello, but more likely jalapeƱo. Also the back of the cukes:

My biggest producer: Pink Beefsteak. It was also my first "real" tomato! (i.e. not a cherry)

Zinnia: I wish I had more that were double petaled.

Sorrel: this might be moved soon, as I need a big planter for my new fig tree.

Why look what I found growing on my non-plot plot!

Melon in the works: (It's caged and climbing)

Why are there so many melon-fetuses that begin to get going good and then yellow and drop off?

My sad looking yellow squash plant. Any ideas what could be wrong? FYI, it's hard for me to distinguish "brown dust" at the base that could help diagnose squash borers, since I'm using sawdust to mulch. Might not be doing that next year. I've only been blessed with two squashes this season. There's been a lot of the mini-veg formation and drop off, just as with the melons. What is that from????

Similarly, my cukes are getting peaked. Note how the leaves are yellowish and now browning out at the edges. I've had much yield from these, though. No dropping off of babies.

What I haven't posted pics of: the beets, which seem to be flourishing, if a little small still. The beans, which I'm surprised to see have been producing for weeks and seem not to have plans to slow anytime soon. The other tomatoes, including the patio tomatoes (extreme bush), which kind of suck and I won't be planting again. Also: Indian Stripe, which survived despite my best efforts to kill it through agressive hardening off, sunburn and planting in a sterilite container with no drainage. Until I knifed some cuts into it, that is. Mr. Stripy, a disappointment in its lack of fruit. My one sweet pepper, almost red.