Saturday, July 14, 2007


I should know better than to go shopping without a concrete plan. I dropped approximately $100 today on lord knows what, but 100% of that will either be consumed or used to create consumables.

Along the journey, which included treks to the local farmer's market, Whole Paycheck, Big Lots and SuperCompare, I had quite a few fun conversations.

Here are some of the highlights:

• Been reading Barbara Kingsolver, have you?
• Come visit my vineyard!
• In Spanish: No, we don't sell citric acid. Try the pharmacy.
• At the pharmacy: No, we don't sell citric acid. Try Whole Paycheck.
• I like to look, too. That's why I can't stop looking at you. It's such a pleasure. (In Spanish)
• Two flats from us on July 28 will be $20 each. At today's prices that would be $44!
These do well in a pot. Great! I'll hold it for you until you're done shopping.