Saturday, June 16, 2007


Jerrypants and I headed out this a.m. for Hog Day, knowing we'd score us some good eats.

And we did, oh yes we did. In fact, we had to go back for seconds, me and Jer.

I ran into another friend of mine, M, who works in solid waste management as a recycling educator. She GOT my compost love. "Hey, Sue, Stew's got a 140 degree hot pile!"

M also helped me get a new arm adornment. Here I am showing it off. Can you read what it says?

As we went through the crowds, I was compelled (and this is hardly surprising) to snorgle every doggie I found. It began as soon as we got in, with a greyhound rescue organization, and eventually wrapped up with me flailing around on the ground with some poor other woman's puppy. See?

As we were heading out to get back to the car, we saw the "Got to be NC Big Cart," a 13 foot tall, 15 foot long shopping cart with a Chevy 386 V8 engine, which the NC Agriculture department is using to market (groan!) (I mean, grown!!) locally produced foods. I chatted the people up at the table, and learned that there's a really common local peanut producer (!!) I had missed. Also, Jerry asked what the main NC crop is. Do you know? Sweet potatoes. Yum.

Before we had even left for this adventure, though, Jerry and I came across the most intriguing sight of the day. Right there in Jerry's parking lot we saw this:

What in the world does that mean?????


Thanks for the photos, Jerrypants!!