Sunday, June 17, 2007

A day of, well, nothing!

My body told me to sleep today, so I did. I got up at 7, went back to sleep around 8, slept until 10:30 and went over to pick up a few bags of leaves from a Freecycler for my compost pile.

Stopped off at the Food Feline on the way back, and scored 4/$10 DC. My main purchase though was some of those local peanuts I mentioned yesterday. Last summer at Nemoid's, I had some kick-ass bolled peanuts that I believe her husband had made. I figured I'd try them today.

I came back from the land of cheap D.C. and local green legumes, and did I don't know what. Then I realized I was supremely exhausted, so I went to nap. And I did. For four HOURS.

Anyhoo, I'm still tired. I had weird dreams that involved hidden relations with mafia-like men, tight quarters in a very cold and precarious aluminum clamshell disk flying above the land, unidentifiable birds, and navigations through the underbelly of a discount store.

I made pizza for dinner. Sauce: olive oil and garlic. Toppings: swiss chard and mozz. Tasty.

The peanuts are in brine in the crockpot.