Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Not just Baptist. MISSIONARY Baptist!

Tonight is my debut as a faith-based, comprehensive sex ed trainer. A Missionary Baptist Church in a rural town in the county where I work called a while back and said their young people had requested STD information at their Vacation Bible School. I explained our approach to their youth minister, and she approved (!!). We scheduled for tonight; this will be my first actual sex ed programming since starting this position.

Despite the church having secured parental permission (with no problems, either), I'm still wary. I'm experienced in dealing with tough questions from strangers, but I've never done this particular crowd before. Will they say something that offends me? I'm actually really looking forward to whatever might happen. Part of me just doesn't believe that they are progressive enough to accept frank talk about STD prevention that encourages, but is not limited to, abstinence.

I had a meeting this morning with colleagues from another organization that does comprehensive sex ed, and they couldn't believe it either when I told them what I'd be doing tonight.

Since I'm not at all a person of faith myself, I also worry about whether they're going to ask me about my opinions. I'm going to do my best to make it about their question and not my answer. Once when a middle schooler asked me where *I* went to church, I floundered a bit, and said "I live in Nearby City. I don't go to your church."

This is either going to be a kick-ass experience or an ass-kicking one.

We'll see!